Aftercare for SMP

Days 1-3 After Session :

  • Avoid excessive sweating - includes steam, sauna, intense workouts
  • Avoid Direct Sunlight to Area
  • Do NOT wash hair/scalp or get water on it
  • Do NOT apply anything onto scalp or hair - (I.E Dry Shampoo, Aquaphor, ect.) this can delay healing process
  • Loose fitting hats can be worn immediately after treatment when needed - but it is important to let your scalp breathe
  • This is the MOST important time of healing!!!!!!!!


Days 4-6 :

  • Long Hair clients can cut/trim hair with scissors if needed
  • Can consider shaving head at this point - must use an electric foil shaver as they are less likely to disturb the pigments. However keep the shaver away from scabs that are still present on head and do not try to peel them away.
  • Can moisturize head - aquaphor, Vaseline, healing balms.
  • Can LIGHTLY sweat (I.E lift some weights at a low pace but still avoid tough cardio exercises)


Day 7 onwards :

  • Can resume regular showering sessions with shampoo
  • If shaving head be cautious of any healing scabs that may still be present
  • Can Get back to usual gym routine and sweating is fine


After ALL Sessions are complete :

  • Fake Tans, Swimming pools, + saunas are fine to use
  • Dry Shampoos are fine to use
  • Applying sunscreen when outdoors prolongs The results
  • 3-4 Weeks can color/dye hair