Other Services with Tia

Not ready to take the plunge into Microblading and want to ease in with some non-permanent services? Or perhaps you've heard of all the other services Tia is certified and trained in and you want to try them! Or you're a microblading client + now there's NO WAY anyone else is touching your brows but Tia and you need a wax girl. 

Besides working + owning Brows to a T; Tia also takes clients out of Aura Beauty - right where we are located (convenient right?!) 


The Brow services Tia provides through Aura - 

• A Basic Brow Shaping/Brow Wax 

• Brow Lamination 

• Brow Tint or Brow Dye


To book click the link down below + request to see Tia 


Fun Fact

 Want to know Tia's favorite go-to brow service that she LOVES over microbladed brows -

Brow Lamination!