Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows-  is the process of implanting pigment into the skin using a machine or manual hand tool to create a long lasting enhancement to your brows.

It can also be used to replicate realistic looking eyebrows for those who have sparse brows or lost their real hair due to over-plucking, disease, or genetic disorder such as alopecia or chemotherapy.  


The Different PMU Techniques 

Microblading - Although commonly used to explain PMU brows as a whole, microblading is actually just a PMU technique. Which is using a single hand tool with a blade to create cuts into the skin to mimic hair strokes in the brow. This technique is ideal for client's with young or normal to dry skin. It is not ideal for client's with large pores, super oily skin, matured skin, or clients with super coarse brow hair; as it will lead to unnatural looking results. 

Combo Brows - This is a style of Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup for Brows. The service uses a combination of both microblading hair strokes and shading technique throughout the brow. The microblading strokes are done using a single hand tool and a blade to create little cuts into the skin to mimic hair strokes. Shading is used with a machine and needle to deposit pigment into the skin. Typically when I use shading in a combo brow I use the shading technique to create depth in between the hair strokes I create. This creates a fuller or more filled in brow look or can be used to mimic a person’s natural fullness in their brows compared to sparse areas they may have. This service is ideal for most clients - especially those with oily skin, coarse brow hair, or little natural hair growth. 


Nano Brows - Also known as machine hair strokes uses a machine and a single needle to create natural looking hair strokes in the brows. This technique is less invasive then microblading and ideal for almost every client - even mature or super oily skin.