FAQ - Lips

What is Lip Blushing? 

Giving your lips an enhanced tint or blush of color through inserting pigment into the lip. Although it is not quite a lipstick look it does give a natural looking even color to your lips. Lip color when healed will fade up to 50% in color leaving a natural stained, symmetrical, and more defined look! 

How many appointments does it take?

There are options with lip blushing. 

Option 1; You do the initial appointment only. This gives a more natural tint once lips are healed while still adding symmetry + definition. 

Option 2; After your initial appointment if you desire a more bolder / lip stick look you book a follow up at 8-10 weeks - this appointment we can give a bolder stain to the lip. Multiple appointments may be required to a achieve desired results. With the final pigment put in the lip blush will also inevitably last longer compared to only doing the first appointment. 

How long will it last? 

When only doing the initial appointment (1 session only) typically Lip blushing will last about 12 -18 months. But for those who booked a second session typically lip blush will last 1-2 years before needing a color boost. 

Can I still wear lipstick? 

Absolutely! Once healed you can wear and variety of lipstick shades you want over your lip blush! 

Will it hurt?

We do numb you during the process so depending on your level of sensitivity there may be a very minimal amount of pain that is involved. If you have a low tolerance to pain I would suggest not booking near your period (since our skin is naturally more sensitive near/on our periods) 

How do you choose a color? 

We choose together! Whether you are looking for a color closer to your natural lip shade, a bold color lip, or your favorite go-to lip color. We consult at the first appointment what it is you're looking for color wise + then based off your skins undertones I pick the best suited color to achieve your desired shade but what will also look best on your skin. 

Are there any lips that aren't good candidates for lip blushing? 

Unfortunately those with a lot of melanin present in the lips can not receive lip blushing, there is a different service called Lip Neutralizing that goes in and neutralizes the melanin (darker pigment in the lips) to allow for an even application of a lip blushing color to the lips. Unfortunately Brows to a T is not yet certified in Lip Neutralizing. 

Can I receive lip blushing if I have filler or Botox? 

Yes! However - you MUST be atleast 4 weeks after your Botox or filler appointment before booking a lip blushing appointment; and you must wait 4 weeks after your lip blush appointment to receive Botox or filler. 

What happens if I am prone to cold sores? 

You can still receive lip blushing, however - lip blushing can definitely cause for a breakout to occur as we are disturbing the lip tissue when putting pigment into the skin. Getting an oral prescription is a must that should be started the day of treatment. 

Who should NOT receive lip blushing? 

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding (must wait 6 months after finishing breast feeding or pregnancy to allow your hormones to level out), frequent smokers, or if a client is diabetic. Has cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiation. Are on acutane or Steroid Medication and Prednisone (must be off for at least 2 months). Have an open wound present at site of treatment. Have skin that is extremely thin. Have a bacterial or viral infection. Have a history of keloid hypertrophic scarring. 

Sun Burnt Skin 

Your skin will naturally exfoliate from the sun damage and possibly taking pigment with it which ruins the desired results. Clients arriving to their appointments with sunburned skin may result in cancellation on the appointment and the client will be responsible for foreiting their deposit and having to book a new appointment with a new deposit down. Just make sure to use SPF on your lips 14- 30 days leading up to your appointment!