After Care for Microblading 

Blot area with a clean, dry tissue for the first 1-2 hours to get rid of any excess lymph or blood

Wash with brow soap 2X a day for 14 days

Apply a thin layer of brow balm 2X a day after wash for 14 days

No excessive swimming, sweating, sauna for 14 days

No eyebrow makeup for 14 days

No direct sun exposure for 14 days. Always wear an SPF on them afterwards

Avoid getting brows wet when showering for 14 days

Do not pick/ touch brows while healing

Avoid anti-aging and glycolic acid products on brows always


How To Wash

1.Wash hands

2. Get tiny bit of soap + some water from OUTSIDE the shower

3. Wash gently in direction of hair (light swipe)

4. Rinse thoroughly 

5. Pat try with paper towel

6. Apply brow balm (tiny light amount do not want to be goopy!)